American Staples

Flavors of the Nation

The Turf Club (formerly known as Terry’s Turf Club)

From breakfast to grilled cheese to your everyday cheeseburger, Cincinnati has the spots that will make your patriotic side tingle. If you looking to get a head start to your morning or feel like you are at a backyard barbeque, these restaurants have you covered.

Bleeding Red, White and Blue

These restaurants are known for putting spins on classics like grilled cheese and fried chicken

The Unstoppable Tandem

Burgers and fries are about as good of a culinary as someone could ask for. These places do this pair justice.

Smoked and Sauced 

Spots that offer the best barbeque in town

Rise and Shine

Diners that will kickstart any morning the right way


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*This site is a remediation of a restaurant manual first produced Greg Beach, Josh Bruggeman, Eric Linhart and Alyssa Stoltz for educational purposes in a web authoring course at the University of Cincinnati.