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Delicious Destinations for Traditional Mexican Cuisine and Chili

Indoor seating at Nada’s

In the culinary world, the Queen City is renowned for its Cincinnati Chili, which a poor man would describe as chili over a bed of spaghetti. There is so much more to this dish that it comes as no surprised that both locals and tourists come back to one of the many chili restaurants throughout the 513 craving more. Moreover, if you are oddly not a fan of this variation of the Tex-Mex classic, Cincy has a plethora of traditional Mexican joints to offer as a viable substitute.

Cincinnati Chili

These locations specialize in putting their spin on this iconic local dish.

Mexican Mainstays

These establishments are some of the best places to experience food from America’s southern neighbor

Assembling a Plate of Cincinnati 5-way Chili

Spaghetti- The first layer of a 5-way chili is plate of noodles that covers the entire base of the serving dish.

Chili- The second layer consists of ground beef chili lightly flavored with cinnamon and cocoa.

Beans- Next, dark red kidney beans are laid over the beef chili.

Cheese- The 4th layer calls for shredded cheddar cheese to be piled high on top of the beans. The cheese tends to melt as it touches the chili and beans.

Onions- The final layer see onions placed over the mound of cheese. Oyster crackers are then served on each side of the completed chili.


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